Student Assessment


Aptitude Testing & Assessment

 Understanding students potential and his strengths and weaknesses helps parents , teachers design a  customized plan for teaching .  Students also get clearer vision in their preparations .  This test contains  a tool methodically and scientifically designed  to assess your strengths, values, and preferences surrounding you. It will offer you an interesting look at yourself, providing information about what motivates and interests you . The tests are performed by our team of psychologists and experts with 15+ years of experience.

It also helps to identify learning disabilities. People with such disabilities may have trouble reading ,writing, doing math or even understanding directions.

Career Guidance

Deciding which career to choose can be really exciting but at the same time, more confusing and terrifying.  With increased industrialization and globalization, many new opportunities enter and exit  the marketplace every year. 

We keep and update the repository of these new career horizons  .

Its not just about finding what can get you more wealth, its about finding you truly love !


Counseling session is an highly helpful session to learn the personality traits in detail and to master strategies for overcoming weaknesses. Students and parents can ask their questions to our learned professionals . Professionals also share their experience with parents and students which can serve as a guideline .

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