Math Help


Understanding the methodology

Learning Math at high school and college level  is an entirely different ball-game to Primary school or Intermediate.Our expert tutors will sit with students and break down complex tackle mathematical equations to most basic forms. Emphasis is on making students understand each and every step.This ultimately makes the learning more reciprocal and fun.This means that they can  meaning they can apply the same problem-solving skills to new contexts.   Students  develop liking for Math and start to explore new concepts in the subject. 

Supervised Practice

Students often fail to catch up with fast paced classroom teaching.Sometimes they miss the key concepts which hinders them from understanding latter part.  To overcome this, the child needs undivided attention and perseverance. Our supervised practice helps to facilitate this process . Child can quickly asks doubts while he his solving . This leaves no stones unturned . As a result ,child gains confidence in his abilities. 

Assisting the Transition

Many students while undergoing a transition from GCSE to A levels, or from A level to Undergraduate courses, suddenly realize that the level of understanding , accuracy and difficulty is far greater than what it used to be. Our job is to mentor  students on what is expected at these stages and what sort of knowledge examiners and teachers expect from you. This reduces the confusion level and helps children gain vision on how to excel in  their academics.    

Pre-Calculus Fluency

Pre-calculus can be extremely confusing .For many students , its an entirely different way of doing math. One needs to have visualization ability in order to excel here. However, sometimes the concepts are counter intuitive and therefore, one needs to have  a combination approach which involves  using algebraic as well as graphical skills. Our teachers guide students to use different graphical tools in order to improve their visualization. We also help them understand the nature of each and every type portion of the graph.